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Goal Review X2



Process Overview

Goal System has a unique three step daily process to help keep you focused on your goals, on track, and moving forward.


 Goal setting is step one to achieving what you want out of life.  Goals aren’t simply wants or wishes, they are specific measurable things with a deadline.  Begin with clarifying what you really want, and then fill in the details.  What will it look like when you reach your goal?  How will you know you’ve accomplished it?  

One key to setting a good goal is asking yourself if someone else could tell you had accomplished it.  If the answer is yes, then your goal is likely measurable.  Timelines are fairly straight forward and are usually completed by a specific date. 


Once goals are set, the daily goal review becomes part of the process.  This means reviewing your goal and one or two images that remind you of your goal every morning when you wake up, and every night before you go to sleep. There are many reasons this is important, but the biggest is to keep these at the forefront of your mind.   Your goals are some of the most important things you can focus time and energy on, and consistency is the key!  If you review goals when you first wake up and before you go to bed, your mind will help you recognize opportunities to go achieve them.  


Scorecards are a foreign concept to many people.  If this is new to you, that’s OK!  A scorecard is a tool to track your progress towards a goal over time.  For Goal System, this means tracking your consistency in completing some activity that you believe will move you forward. 

The two key components in a scorecard are 1) the activity and 2) the target.  The activities can be direct or indirect.  A direct scorecard metric is an obvious habit or activity that moves you closer to a goal, such as setting aside or earning money towards an investment goal.  An indirect scorecard metric is an activity that does not directly take you closer to your goal but you believe moves you in the right direction.  An example of an indirect scorecard metric would be spending 10 minutes researching investment strategies each day to meet an investment goal. 


If you set a goal that you’re not sure how to achieve, you will likely need to brainstorm some indirect scorecard metrics.  Try writing a list of things that you think you think you may need to do to reach your goal.  Then come up with daily activities that would help move you in the right direction.  Another approach is to imagine someone that has already achieved this goal and list things you believe they do on a daily basis.  Don’t be too critical.  As long as you pick a positive habit that’s related to your goal, that’s a great start.  You can always change later.   


Daily coaching is an important piece of our system. Each day we provide you with an idea or concept to help motivate you or examine your approach to your goals.  Coaching helps people identify their strengths or weaknesses, develop new thought patterns, and refine their goals.  On any journey you need to grow and move forward, and our daily coaching is designed to do that.  


Quarterly and annual reviews are the last piece of our system.  While the scorecard is designed to keep you on track daily, it’s important to step back and look at your progress from a higher level.   Just like a performance review at work, this is time to step back every few months to take an honest look at where you started and where you are today.  It’s possible you need to refine your goal or change your approach and doing a self-review is a great opportunity to do that.  Reviews in Goal System include reviewing your scorecard consistency, reading your wins along the way, and reflecting on things that have and have not gone as expected. 

Completing reviews is a crucial process to staying on track and moving forward toward your goals.  

Set Up Process

Goal Examples

Example 1


I want to be in shape.

Specific Goal:

I will reach my goal weight of 180lbs by June 1 this year.

Daily Scorecard

Goal image ideas

Daily HabitsScorecard MeasurementSample Target
Did I run or walk at least 1 mile?Yes/No Yes
Did I drink at least 8 glasses of water?Yes/No Yes
How many glasses of water did I drink? Enter Number >=8
Eat at least 5 servings of fruits or vegetables Yes/No Yes
Did I eat any processed junk food?Yes/No No
Did I workout for at least 20 minutes? Yes/No Yes
How many minutes did I workout for? Enter Number >=20
Rate how phyicall active I was today. 1-10 Rating >=8
Did I eat after 7pm?Yes/No No

Example 2


I want to get out of debt

Specific Goal:

I will pay off $5,000 in credit card debt by December 23 this year.

Goal image ideas

Daily Scorecard

Daily HabitsScorecard MeasurementSample Target
Did I track all expenses today?Yes/No Yes
Did I move money into savings? Yes/No Yes
How much money did I move into savings? Enter Number >= $20
Did I do something to make extra money?Yes/No Yes
Did I read a finance blog or book?Yes/NoYes
How many minutes did I spend studying finance?Enter Number >= 10
Did I do something to save money today? Yes/NoYes