Goal System Podcast


Selecting Daily Habits for Success

In this power-packed 15-minute episode of the GoalSystem Podcast, join host Dallas Clarksean as he dives deep into the art of tracking daily habits for ultimate productivity and personal growth. Discover the transformative power of monitoring essential habits such as water intake, fitness goals, mindfulness, expressing love to your family, meal prep, reading for 30 minutes, meditation, and more.



How Making One Small Change Can Change Your Life

In this episode, we discuss how making one small change can change your life. We explore the power of small changes and give examples of small changes that have had a big impact on people’s lives, such as starting each day with a gratitude practice or replacing one unhealthy habit with a healthy one. We also emphasize the importance of taking action and not getting overwhelmed by larger goals. Join us for this episode and learn how one small change can have a big impact on your life.


How to Achieve More in Less Time

In this episode of the Goal System Podcast, host Dallas Clarksean discusses the importance of balancing priorities to achieve more in less time. With practical examples and tips, Dallas provides insights on how to prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance, use time-blocking to manage multiple priorities, and set boundaries to focus on high-priority tasks. Join us for this episode and learn how to balance your priorities to achieve your goals and live your best life.


How do you be more consistent with habits?

Are you trying to be more consistent with a habit?  Everyone struggles with that from time to time.

  •  Support the habit with positive thoughts
  • Tie the outcome to the habit in your mind
  • Anchor new habits to existing habits and routines
  • Start with a doable amount
  • Be kind to yourself when you fall short!


How do you create a habit?

Are you trying to create a habit?  Habits are the fuel that drive your self improvement journey and your whole experience!  1)Make sure they support your goals and are something YOU actually want 2) put thought into how this habit will fit into your day 3) be understanding if you fall short in the beginning.


How can you be more self disciplined?

Do you love self discipline?  NO! No one does.  Don’t feel guilty about struggling at it, it’s like a muscle.   Work at it and improve a little each day.


How do you start on a goal?

Figuring out where to get started on a new goal can be overwhelming.  Where do you start?  What is step 1?  Never fear – there are people out there who WANT to tell you how to start!  Get out there and talk to someone who has done what you want or find a supportive friend.  Take one step today.


Do you feel stuck?

Are you feeling like you’re not making progress with a goal?  What happens when you don’t feel like you’re moving forward or growing? 1) Make a short list of small things to do immediately 2) Pick one measurable thing you and do NOW.  No matter how small 3) Talk to someone supportive.


Do you want to create a goal?

How do you set a goal?  Get specific – make sure you can achieve something short term – make sure someone can measure it.